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3rd Annual Halloween Party!

I’m really excited to share some pictures from our big Halloween Party over the weekend! You guys all know just how obsessed I am with the holiday, so this year I got to work early! I have SO many pictures to share with you, so I’m sorry if this post seems way too long! I’ll try to go through it quickly :)

When our guests came on Friday, we created a spooky entrance for them. It helped that we didn’t start until 7 so it was already dark outside. We cobwebbed up our front entrance, made a creepy guy to stand near the door, lit the entrance with orange lights, and had scary music playing to top it off. Instead of being let in, we decided to put a sign out that said, “ENTER IF YOU DARE” and had our guests find their way in on their own. (The pictures below show what it looked like in the daytime and then I tried to get some pictures of it at night, so you can imagine what our guests saw.)

 photo IMG_6934rev_zps5e512a9a.jpg
 photo IMG_6938rev_zps81460cc8.jpg
 photo IMG_6941rev_zps975fbe2e.jpg
 photo IMG_6942rev_zps5c1765cb.jpg
 photo IMG_6943rev_zps5c31f522.jpg
 photo IMG_6948rev_zpseb146475.jpg
 photo IMG_6949rev_zps08c17966.jpg
 photo IMG_7144rev_zps393551eb.jpg
 photo IMG_7145rev_zps706ac3ac.jpg

Once inside, our guests were greeted by more creepy music and candle light leading them down the hallway. We put torn cheesecloth over all the furniture, lit as many candles as possible, changed out the light bulbs in some lamps for black lights, and then cobwebbed up all the picture frames in the hallway. I caution-taped up doors leading right into the kitchen so our guests were forced to go down the hallway first. Running alongside them were some spiders on the walls and mice along the floors. And they had to pass one or two creepy guys reaching out to them.

 photo IMG_6953rev_zps7bb86f1e.jpg
 photo IMG_6957rev_zpsca49d8bd.jpg
 photo IMG_6958rev_zps4fc28837.jpg
 photo IMG_6959rev_zps53e2db2b.jpg
 photo IMG_6963rev_zps737ee51c.jpg
 photo IMG_7433rev_zps14f2093f.jpg
 photo IMG_7441rev_zps08693b53.jpg
 photo IMG_7158rev_zps398bfd6a.jpg
 photo IMG_7156rev_zpsf59f6d62.jpg

Once they turned the corner, they walked into the family room, where things were much more lively! Here I had arranged a bunch of seats for everyone and tried to make enough space to play games later on. I turned the far facing wall into a colony of bats flying across, decorated our mantel above the fireplace to house some perched ravens, illuminated the bookcase shelves with black lights, created a potions display on the side table, and draped torn cheesecloth over the sofas for an added spooky effect.

 photo IMG_6986rev_zps2f530499.jpg
 photo IMG_6980rev_zpsec9ec59f.jpg
 photo IMG_7406rev_zps2e68ad9b.jpg
 photo IMG_7411rev_zps1afdaca2.jpg
 photo IMG_6998rev_zps6e3a0ec9.jpg
 photo IMG_7000rev_zpse6dd2e91.jpg
 photo IMG_7387rev_zps7048ccf8.jpg
 photo IMG_6993rev_zps2f8dadb2.jpg
 photo IMG_7370rev_zps18a1d1db.jpg
 photo IMG_7371rev_zpsb808d1aa.jpg
 photo IMG_7372rev_zpscf646bc5.jpg

Then in the little dining nook between the family room and kitchen, I set up the food and drink tables. I highlighted the food table with streamers and a bunting banner I made last year and then draped some black spooky fabric behind the drinks and hung up a fun skeleton. And then of course I made some fun food to aid in the theme! We had graveyard grub (pudding cups), scary berries (chocolate covered strawberries), frightful fingers (chocolate covered pretzels), runts of the litter (clementines), eerie eyeballs (oreo bites), candy corn scorn (rice krispie treats), tasty tombstones (sandwiches), brittle bones (chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows), poison pastries (cupcakes), and savory spew (chips and guac). Everything turned out great and it all tasted so good!

 photo IMG_6974rev_zpsda9ce934.jpg
 photo IMG_7093rev_zps1e589187.jpg
 photo IMG_7095rev_zps362a51a0.jpg
 photo IMG_7096rev_zpsa68afa2b.jpg
 photo IMG_7098rev_zps49ac0b26.jpg
 photo IMG_7099rev_zps4ace69ae.jpg
 photo IMG_7100rev_zps9cfb7639.jpg
 photo IMG_7102rev_zps766ce978.jpg
 photo IMG_7103rev_zpsff9c03b1.jpg
 photo IMG_7104rev_zps005f426f.jpg
 photo IMG_7105rev_zps370f6b99.jpg
 photo IMG_7106rev_zpsdd4890f9.jpg

I didn’t want people focusing on the kitchen (where I knew I’d probably be slipping off to throughout the night to replenish the food), so I created some warped curtains to hang up in order to block the kitchen out of sight. I knew you’d be able to see through them, but it helped to divide up the rooms and it really took the focus away from it as well. I also decorated the bar with some “Happy Halloween” blocks I made a few weeks ago, and one or two leftover coffins from our invitations!

 photo IMG_7416rev_zps8c6df759.jpg
 photo IMG_7420rev_zps67599628.jpg
 photo IMG_7421rev_zpsca6c5863.jpg

And last but certainly not least for the decorations: the bathrooms! These were by far my favorite and also the most twisted. But I got such a kick out of hearing my guests’ reactions all night! My favorite was when Brielle went to the bathroom and exclaimed, “Why Callie?! Why?!?!” So without further ado, here is the murder scene that I set up. (I actually decorated two bathroom this way, but the one I’m showing was more creepy because it had a tub that I could incorporate.)

 photo IMG_7010rev_zpsb7f6385d.jpg
 photo IMG_7009rev_zps3776af5c.jpg
 photo IMG_7011rev_zps78d48585.jpg
 photo IMG_7012rev_zps79ec0697.jpg
 photo IMG_7013rev_zps366a5512.jpg
 photo IMG_7014rev_zps0ec9caa2.jpg
 photo IMG_7017rev_zpsbe0929a0.jpg
 photo IMG_7016rev_zps1fb8b301.jpg
 photo IMG_7020rev_zps208b686c.jpg

And that’s it for the decorations! I had so much fun making everything and setting it all up. I might even do some tutorial posts if people are interested in learning how I made some of my decorations! I’m really pleased with how everything turned out. And we had such a great turn out for the party! I think there were 20 people in total and everyone blew me away with their costumes! I made a fun little photobooth backdrop to capture it all:

 photo IMG_7472rev_zpsaed58168.jpg
 photo output_vEYRI7_zpsdbdfdde0.gif
 photo IMG_7168rev_zpsc793e48f.jpg
 photo IMG_7064rev_zpscf16bdf5.jpg
 photo IMG_7176rev_zpsb827d8c5.jpg
 photo IMG_7200rev_zps062b457c.jpg
 photo IMG_7045rev_zps2820f1e7.jpg
 photo output_0LMz39_zps00619ebe.gif
 photo IMG_7205rev_zps0d4efdc4.jpg
 photo IMG_7123rev_zpsb4757be2.jpg
 photo output_c5GS0E_zps8b0dda96.gif
 photo IMG_7462rev_zps21da0f4d.jpg

We ate, chatted and hung out, took pictures in front of the photobooth, and then played some really fun games. We started with a more lively game of Heads Up (Ellen Degeneres’ version of charades), and then turned off the lights and lit more candles to set the mood for a few rounds of Werewolf (which I’m convinced is the best Halloween game). It was perfect! Of course we hope our guests had as much fun as we did! The last few couples left around 4:00am and even though we were soo tired, we didn’t want it to end!!

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  • Brielle Story - BEST PARTY EVER!!! Thanks so much for inviting us! I’m already ready for next year and it’s not even Halloween yet :)ReplyCancel

  • Jenessa - I still can’t get over the fake blood décor. SO INCREDIBLE! Thanks again for an awesome night!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - Omg I love your party!!! How did you do the blood in the bathroom without it staining anything?! You definitely know how to throw a party!ReplyCancel

  • Kristen Williams Walker - Looks like so much fun. That house never looked like that when I was living next door. So creative!ReplyCancel

  • Debra Wilkins - Amazing Callie, simply amazing. When are you going to start your own “Events” company??
    Love You!!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - I, too, LOVE your decorations. Everything looks fantastically creepy. How do you not stain the bathtub? I use chocolate syrup and replace the lights with red bulbs for my creepy bathroom, but I’d love to have the creepy red. I just haven’t found a product that wouldn’t stain. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - How did you do the fake blood in the bathroom without staining the tub? How did you do the little guy on the toilet bowl? Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • admin - To get the fake blood in the bathroom I mixed together Cherry Syrup, Chocolate Syrup, and red Dish Soap. The Cherry Syrup gives you a very bright red, so mixing it with chocolate syrup makes it more believable as a darker blood red. I made sure to add the dish soap in order to get that nice goopy texture — and honestly, it was SO easy to wash off! No scrubbing at all. It came right off with water! I might get adventurous this year, now that I know there is no staining! And the little guy on the toilet bowl was just made with black and white poster board/card stock.ReplyCancel

      • Taylore - You have no idea how long I have been looking for a non stain blood recipe… fabulous! This made my day! You are great at decorating!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - This is so great! I’ve been searching endlessly for a DIY mug shot photo booth. Would you mind sharing a tutorial?ReplyCancel

    • admin - Hi Lauren! I wish I had pictures from when I made the backdrop to do a tutorial post! It was very simple though. I bought a queen-size sheet in cream and then measured from the bottom in 1 foot increments, making marks. I then placed black duct tape along these marks, leaving a gap where I stenciled in the numbers for the height markers (1-7). I already had black duct tape, stencils, and red & black paint, so it just cost me the price of the bed sheet. After the stencils were dry, I went back over it with red paint and made drips and flung a paint brush (covered in red paint) in random directions to make the blood splatter look. Hope this helps! Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Maria - Your house looks awesome!! For the bathrooms what kind of blood did you use? Did it stain your tub?ReplyCancel

    • Maria - Never mind I read it in the that’s awesome trying it this year.ReplyCancel

  • Olivia - Tutorials would be awesome!!! How did you do the blood splatter in the tub area and what did you use? Did it stain anything?ReplyCancel

    • Olivia - Oops, should have read the comments! Great job!ReplyCancel

  • Carol - Hi, what did you use in your bathroom and did wash off well?

    • admin - Hi Carol, I answered in the comments below. “To get the fake blood in the bathroom I mixed together Cherry Syrup, Chocolate Syrup, and red Dish Soap. The Cherry Syrup gives you a very bright red, so mixing it with chocolate syrup makes it more believable as a darker blood red. I made sure to add the dish soap in order to get that nice goopy texture — and honestly, it was SO easy to wash off! No scrubbing at all. It came right off with water!”ReplyCancel

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