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Monsters Inc. “Boo” Costume DIY

A few days ago I posted a tutorial on my Mike Wazowski costume, and today I want to continue with posting a tutorial for Emery’s Boo Costume. If you’re interested in making all three costumes (Sully, Mike Wazowski, and Boo), like I did, then let me tell you this one is by far the easiest! It’s so easy I was able to do the entire thing without getting help from Grant or my mom (something that hardly ever happens when it comes to my projects). So I have total faith in you! Read on for the tutorial :)

Boo Costume TutorialrevPINIMAGE


  • Purple shiny fabric (the amount depends on how big your costume will be)
  • Batting
  • Mop
  • Styrofoam balls, 2
  • Sharpie
  • Black pipe cleaners, 2
  • White felt
  • Thread


1. It’s hard to say exactly how much fabric to buy, since every costume will require a different amount. I believe I bought about a yard and a half for Emery’s, since I wanted it to go to her knees and fit all the way around her. I actually had a ton left over, but I’d rather buy too much than too little. So after collecting my supplies, I started by first cutting out two rectangles of the purple fabric in equal measurements. I laid the first rectangle out, then covered the fabric with a few layers of batting (how much you use depends on how puffy you want the costume to be), and then put the second rectangle on top. This forms the main part of the costume.


2. Next I pinned all around the rectangle, securing all the layers together.


3. Then I went ahead and sewed a straight stitch around all four sides. This will give you the body of the costume. Now to get the true “Boo” look, you just need to sew three straight stitches across the length of the rectangle, to give it that quilted look. Essentially you’re just making a little sleeping bag! It’s very very easy!


4. I then took the rectangular body and held it up to Emery and tried to gauge where she’d need arm holes. I’m sure there’s a more sophisticated and exact way of doing this, but I just folded it around her, marked with my finger where I thought her arms would go, and then used scissors to cut holes. I went back to my sewing machine and sewed around the edge of the holes, so the fabric wouldn’t fray and the batting wouldn’t fall out. It definitely didn’t look professional by any means, but I was happy with it!


5. Next, I grabbed some white felt and cut out shapes that would serve as the teeth. I went back to my sewing machine and sewed on a few to the top of the rectangle. This doesn’t have to be perfect either, since the whole point of Boo’s costume is to look home-made!


6. And that was it for the body! All I had to do to finish it up was stick some velcro on the back and close it up around her. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of this process, but trust me: velcro is super easy! You don’t even need to sew it down, as long as you buy the adhesive kind. I actually waited until the party got closer to do this step, to make sure that I’d have the fit correct (in case she grew a little over the weeks before the party).

7. The next part of her costume was making the hood! I wish I had better pictures for you of the process, but I completely forgot to take them until after I was finished. It was very simple though! I basically repeated the steps I did above by first cutting out two shapes of the purple fabric, laying batting between, pinning it and then sewing it together. I decided to make things easy for myself and instead of putting in a wire or something like that to shape the hood, I just made a tongue shape. It was basically a long rectangle, with one of the short ends being rounded off. This way I could attach the straight edge to the back of her costume and it would be long enough to come up over her head and sit right on top. It worked out really well! You can see the basic shape in the image below.


8. And to finish off the hood, you just need to add the mop hair and the eyes! This was really fun to do. Once the hood was sewn, I cut the mop “hair” off my mop and worked on hand-stitching it in sections to the top of the hood. It was actually very easy to secure. I then took the two styrofoam balls I bought and drew on the eyes. I poked a pipe cleaner through each one (and secured it with hot glue, just to make sure it wouldn’t fall out), and then wrapped the end of the pipe cleaner around the base of the mop hair (you can see what I mean by this in the picture above). I also hand-stitched around the pipe cleaners to secure them to the hood. And that was it! Using pipe cleaners was great because you can mold them to make the eyes be as long and whatever shape you want them to be.


9.After I took the above photos I decided to add a few teeth to the hood too, so I went back and cut out a few more shapes from my white felt and then hand-stitched them on in random places. Very simple! And you can see how they looked in the final picture below.

10. Securing the hood to the body was just a matter of getting more velcro and attaching the short and straight edge of the hood to the very back of the rectangular body. Just use adhesive velcro and it’s a cinch! I then finished off Emery’s look by dressing her in a long sleeve white shirt and white pants underneath. She surprised me by how much she liked wearing her costume. Every time we’d go to fit it on her while I was making it she’d cry so I was really nervous! But the night of the party she wore it without complaint and seemed to enjoy it! And she looked so cute!!


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  • Brooke Wilson - how much of the purple material do you think I should get for a 2 1/2 yr old? Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • admin - I’m sorry that I don’t remember the exact measurements! I just made sure to get enough fabric to wrap around my daughter, and then a wide enough fabric that would fold over (to make the sleeping bag/body part) and still be a good size on her. I hope that helps!ReplyCancel

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  • Renee - great tutorial!!! did that shape hood stay on her?? it looks like it’d fall off!? but i don’t want to mess with making a real hood, so if it stays on i’ll just do it this way!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Hi Renee! The hood actually stayed on surprisingly well. It all depends on what shape you make it. if it’s wide and long, then it will be balanced out on the sides (from the width) and the “hair” and “eyes” on the top will weigh it down so if you make it really long, it’ll hang there and stay on. That was my experience, anyways! But you could always velcro a little chin strap on to the underside as well to help!ReplyCancel

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  • Leslie phillips - Can u make me a boo outfit for a 2 yr old approximately 35 lbsReplyCancel

    • admin - Hi Leslie, I do not make and sell these costumes. But you can follow the tutorial (and several others on Pinterest) to make one. Good luck!ReplyCancel

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