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This little baby isn’t so little anymore! He’s had a lot of changes this past month, including learning how to stand up all on his own! He does it all the time now and it makes me think walking isn’t too far off. He really gets around quickly by crawling, but I can tell he’s anxious to walk so he can keep up with his sister! He also had his first and second tooth finally break through! We were wondering if he was ever going to get teeth. By this age, I think Emery had at least 8 teeth and he just barely got his first two! It’s ironic because Emery is the one I nursed for almost a year, while Jude stopped nursing at 6 months. And believe me, nursing a baby with a mouth full of teeth isn’t easy, so I wish it had been the other way around (in that respect, anyways).

Jude also got his first hair cut just a week or two ago! When we were in Connecticut visiting family, I was able to spend some time with the Andersons since they live in Hartford now(!!!) and Natalie, being the super mom she is, gave Jude the best hair cut! It makes him look so much older and more like a little boy and less like a baby. I really love it!

He’s also begun signing back to us. He knows the sign for “all done” but still confuses it with the sign for “more” sometimes. He’s definitely made progress since last month though! And he’s beaten Emery in this respect as well; she didn’t sign anything back to us until about a year. Jude also waves on command now, which is adorable! My family especially loves it when he waves to them while we are Face Timing.

Hmm what else? Jude is still just the easiest and most carefree babe. When Emery is around, he is so content and I never have to worry about him. She is a great big sister and always tells me when he’s eating something he shouldn’t be, or getting into something he’s not allowed to play with. I think she likes playing with him so much because he’s still at the stage where he just wants attention from her, and doesn’t really care if she takes his toys away from him. I’m sure that will change eventually and then things will be different! But for now, I’m cherishing the times they play together up in their playroom all by themselves. I love listening to them play from downstairs. Emery narrates the ENTIRE time so I never have to worry about knowing what they are doing. Monster is just like that–always talking! So she’ll continuously narrate their play and talk to Jude, telling him what to do and how to do it. She also cracks me up by saying phrases that I say to her (without me realizing I said them in the first place!). My favorite right now is, “Can we just not…?” Hahaha! After she kept saying it to me, I realized it was because I’ll say it to her sometimes if she’s bugging me about doing something. I’ll finally look at her and say, “Monster. Can we just not do that right now? Can we just not?” And now she says it ALL the time. Or my other personal favorite: “I’m sorry Jude, but that’s a no-no. I’m soooooo sorry Jude, but you can’t do that. SORRRRRRY but NOOOOOOO.” She’s so dramatic as she puts emphasis on the “soooo sorry” part. It’s hilarious!

Okay but now getting back to Jude! He loves his big sister, loves his bath time, HATES getting his diaper changed (because he can’t stand to sit still), is the wiggliest little kid I’ve ever met, and has a smile that melts me. He’s also proven to be a trickier traveler than Emery was…OH! And he has officially grossed me out more than I EVER thought possible. Curious? This is a good one… (*You might want to skip the next paragraph if you are easily grossed out*)

We have been potty training Emery this past week and it’s been going great! We are on day 5 and she’s only had 3 or 4 accidents. And yesterday she even pooped in her potty (which is a really big step for those who haven’t potty trained before)! Fast forward to last night: Grant is at a recruiting event, so I’m watching the kids by myself for the night. Jude and Emery are playing in the kitchen while I’m packing her bag for school. I hear Emery say, “I have to go potty!” and I look up quickly and say, “Go! Go!” I can tell she needs to poop because she’s walking on her tip toes so I hurry and run to the potty with her, encouraging her and saying, “You can do it! You can go poopy in your potty! And you’ll get so much CHOCOLATE!” (Chocolate chips have been key. But that’s a story for a later date.) She gets all the way to potty when she says, “I went poopy on the floor.” I stop and say, “What?! Where?!” and then double back….only to find Jude…left alone…in the kitchen…holding Emery’s GIANT poop log…and…and…EATING IT!



I about died. Never, EVER, did I think I would have to wrangle a giant piece of poop out of Jude’s hand and then fish out a huge chunk from his mouth. Are you dry heaving now? Because I pretty much threw up in my mouth while all of this was happening. Just…why?! Why are babies so gross?! Good thing he’s cute right?

And on that note, I’ll leave you with one more favorite from his 10-month photo shoot, along with a comparison shot of him and Emery, both at 10 months old!

Callie Manion Photography_0049PINIMAGE
Callie Manion Photography_0051PINIMAGE

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  • Natalie - Oh noooo!!! That is so hilarious that this happened to you, ?of all people!! Way to go for sticking with potty training! It sounds like she’s doing so much better than the first time! We start Monday… ?? love you all “soooo” much!ReplyCancel

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Little Jude is getting so big! This last month he’s put on a few pounds and has become even more mobile. He’s now into everything–pulling himself up on anything he can find, opening drawers, climbing stairs, and following his big sister’s constant, “Come ‘ere, Jude!” calls.

His hair is growing so fast, I think he honestly will need a haircut soon. Which puts him ahead of Emery by about…two years? Ha ha, Emery is still struggling in the hair department while Jude has more than enough!

Jude has also been learning sign language this last month. We started with Emery at 6 months but she didn’t really pick it up until right before a year, so I wanted to wait longer before I started with Jude. But he’s getting to be at the screamy stage where when he wants something he makes a high-pitched squeal/scream, which I can’t stand, so that’s when I know it’s time for sign language! So far so good. He definitely knows what the signs mean already, especially “more”, but he hasn’t picked it up enough yet to sign back. That’s to be expected though–I know it will take a few months.

Since he’s started to climb the stairs, I’ve also begun teaching him how to go down the stairs. Emery picked it up quickly so I’m hoping Jude will too! With Emery, we could just put up baby gates but with Jude it’s a different story since his kind older sister just pushes them down for him so he can get to where he wants to. She doesn’t quite understand that it’s dangerous for him, she is always just trying to help! Ha ha!

What else is new? He still sleeps great at night–usually from about 7:30 or 8:00pm until 9:00 or 9:30am. Then he takes two long naps during the day. We used to put him mostly to sleep in our arms first before laying him down and then he’d wake up a little bit, but go back to sleep on his own. Now he doesn’t want to be in our arms more than just a minute or two so I’ve started putting him down and just letting him go to sleep on his own. So much easier this way!

I’m thinking he might be walking pretty soon, or at least before Emery was (she walked at 13 months). He’s in such a hurry to keep up with Monster and I have to say, so far he’s doing a good job! She’s sweet to him too and will crawl around with him when they play together. That or she dangles a toy about 5 feet from him, yelling, “Come ‘here, Jude!!” and as he gets closer she just keeps backing up. They will literally run/crawl all around the house doing this.

He’s still so sweet and is the happiest when Emery is around running around and giving him constant entertainment. He only gets sad during the times of day when she might still be sleeping and he’s already woken up. But that’s short lived when he realized he can play with a toy that is normally taken away from him immediately! Seriously though, they really do play together very well and I love watching them interact. Just today Emery looked at Jude and said, “ my friend? You my best friend Jude!” and it kind of made my mom-heart melt into a puddle.

Here’s some more photos of our 9-month old!
Callie Manion Photography_0007PINIMAGE Callie Manion Photography_0006PINIMAGE Callie Manion Photography_0008PINIMAGE

And a comparison of Jude & Emery, both at 9-months old:


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Eight months already?! I’ll tell you what, this last month has been a big one for Jude! He has changed so much! He’s now crawling everywhere–and when I say everywhere I really mean it. The best way to describe it is to imagine a wind-up car that you have just wound up all the way. You put it down and it immediately starts going. That is Jude. As soon as you put him down, he’s off. There’s no time to just sit and play with toys anymore; he has to be moving and exploring. Especially if Emery is in the picture! If she’s awake, he wants to be where she is. And anyone who knows Emery knows she is always constantly moving, which means Jude is always on the go, trying to keep up with her. His poor knees are all red at the end of the day! But he’s so happy with his new-found mobility and honestly, I am too. It makes it so much easier when babies are able to get to where they want to by themselves. Emery loves it too and already their interaction and play time has increased quite a lot.

Along with crawling, Jude also will go from all fours to sitting up. This actually happened first and then he found the courage to crawl shortly after. But the first morning I went in to get him and he was sitting up in his crib made me just laugh out loud from how cute it was! There he was, sitting up and waiting for me, grinning from ear to ear. He has also learned how to clap and loves to express his emotion by doing so. Any time he does something that he’s proud of he’ll clap his hands. He also loves to clap in response to, “Yayyy Jude!!”. That evokes an especially big smile. Emery loves to sit by him and clap her hands to encourage him to copy her. It’s adorable! He’ll also copy us if we shake our head back and forth or stick out our tongue. You can tell he’s so proud of himself every time he does this successfully. It’s all a big game and he loves to play!

Just a few days ago Jude pulled himself up on furniture for the first time. It was a little scary for me to see him trying this already but there’s really no stopping him now. The couches are still a little too high for him, but he’ll pull himself up on us, toys, and even the stairs. In just another week or two I’m sure he’ll have worked up to the couches too. It’s crazy to see how in a hurry he is, compared to Emery who couldn’t care less when it came to these things. But I guess it makes sense since he watches Emery all day long and longs to be doing the things she is!

He really is the happiest baby and we’re so grateful that he’s such a good sleeper and eater too. I can’t say enough how much I love him and love the different dynamic our family has taken on since his arrival! It’s been such a blessing to watch Grant be a dad to him and Emery and to watch Emery be a big sister. It’ll be great when he’s old enough to be a real playmate for her!

Here’s some more pictures of Jude from his 8-month photo session, and then a few comparison shots. The last one is my favorite! These kids crack me up!

4O2A5586revPINIMAGE 4O2A5597revPINIMAGE 4O2A5581revPINIMAGE Jude_Emery-8 monthsPINIMAGE Jude_Emery-8 months2PINIMAGE

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