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Jude is seven months old! He’s an incredibly happy baby as long as he is able to watch his big sister and get her attention. Lately he’s been so much more mobile since he’s figured out how to scoot backwards. It’s kind of like the opposite of an army crawl — he lifts his body up with his hands but instead of propelling himself forwards, he just simply scoots backwards. It’s actually working out really well for him! He’s able to get anywhere he needs to. The only setback is he normally gets stuck underneath chairs and couches and anything else he scoots backwards into! He has a very distinct cry for when this happens so I can normally recognize it and come rescue him fairly quickly. It’s as if he’s saying, “Not again!! MOMMMMM!” And I think it’s the funniest thing. Emery is also a great help. If she sees him about to get stuck she’ll come find me and say, “Jude’s stuck! He cry!” So together we make a pretty good team, ha! I don’t think crawling is too far away. He’s just started to get up on his hands and knees. He’ll kind of rock back and forth for a little bit and every once in a while he’ll find the courage to pick one hand up and try to move it forward. Usually it ends in a face plant and some tears, but he’s trying! I know he’s very anxious to get moving and play more with Emery.

Another funny thing about him: Jude never stops squealing. I remember Emery going through this same phase, but Emery’s situation was a little different because we didn’t encourage the habit to continue. Don’t get me wrong, we thought it was cute for about…a day. It just got very loud and kind of annoying! (I think I have the right to say that as the parent who spends the entire day with them). Well Emery learned to make other sounds that I thought was funnier so she ended up leaving the squealing stage pretty quickly. Jude, on the other hand, gets nonstop encouragement from his big sister so I’m not sure if it will ever end! Emery loves to squeal back to him and the two of them have their own squealing matches for hours at a time. (That might be an exaggeration, but that’s what it feels like!)

This last month definitely brought some change and I’m excited for the next stages we have coming up. Jude is growing up so fast and I just love getting smiles from him. He’s such a happy and smiley baby — and I just love all of his hair!

Here’s another favorite from his 7-month photo shoot, along with a comparison shot of him and Monster at the same age!

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6 month blog photoPINIMAGE

Little Jude is not so little anymore! We’ve definitely seen a lot of change in him this past month, including being able to sit up on his own! This was especially exciting because Emery didn’t do this until around 7 months old, or maybe even later. And I know how much of a difference it makes! It’s just so nice to be able to sit them on the ground and not worry about them toppling over. And Jude has always hated tummy time, so him being able to sit up is great–it gives him another option other than laying on his back.

Another big change that happened this past month was Jude stopped nursing and we’re now bottle-feeding him. This was a really, really hard decision for me to make. I nursed Emery until she was 11 months old and even stopping one month shy of a year with Emery made me feel some what of a failure. So to stop nursing with Jude at 6 months was such a tough decision. But what it came down to was just deciding what was better for Jude and I, and that was definitely a bottle. He really hated nursing and would only nurse for a few seconds at a time before pulling off. He’d also moan the entire time, and swing his head back and forth. He was always so uncomfortable and it made me so frustrated, and that just made the entire experience miserable for both of us. It’s also been different this time around because with Emery I wasn’t working as much. Now that my photography is really picking up, I’ve been pretty busy and having to plan photo sessions and editing time around Jude’s feeding schedule was a drag for me. It’s been so much simpler now for Grant to watch Jude without us having to coordinate and plan everything; he can just give Jude a bottle now when he is hungry. I don’t have to worry about Jude waiting too long to eat, in case a session or client meeting goes over, and I also don’t have to worry about feeling engorged while I’m gone! And since switching Jude he has seemed so much happier while eating, plus he’s gaining weight now too! In addition to drinking 4-5 bottles a day, he also eats solids 3 times a day. We give him solids before he goes to sleep (so before each of his two naps and then before bed). It’s the same routine we had Emery on and it works out great!

Speaking of sleeping, Jude takes two great naps during the day and sleeps about 12-13 hours at night. It’s wonderful! We are big fans of sleep over here. It took Jude longer to get the hang of it than it did Emery, but now he understands that if he cries at night, mom and dad aren’t coming, so he just goes right back to bed. Him and Emery go to sleep between 7-8pm every night and wake up around 9-9:30am every morning. It’s worked out great because I’m usually awake until 2am working, so by the time I get to sleep I really appreciate having those extra hours in the morning to sleep in! A new development this past month is Jude now goes to sleep without being swaddled. It was kind of a hard transition because he really didn’t want to have his hands swaddled, but had a hard time sleeping if they were out. Luckily we are past that now and he goes to bed without being swaddled really easily. We’ve been working for the past few months on him getting used to putting himself to sleep, and he’s really getting better at that as well. in fact, most nights when we put him down he is wide awake but eventually will put himself to sleep. He’s mostly asleep for naps, but there are still times when he needs to do the same and put himself to sleep. In another month or so, we’ll be able to just plop him in his crib and let him go to sleep on his own. And when he gets to that point, our job gets so much easier, ha! We love that we can just tell Emery it’s time to take a nap and she’ll play around for a while and then go to sleep. Hopefully Jude isn’t too far off of that yet.

Other than that, I can’t think of much else that has changed besides the obvious fact that he’s getting bigger, taller, and heavier. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to crawl around and play with Emery!

Here’s a few more photos from his 6-month photo shoot, plus a comparison of Jude and Emery, both at 6 months old. Such cute kids!!

4O2A3493-revPINIMAGE 4O2A3665-revPINIMAGE 2015-06-07_0001PINIMAGE

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  • Lindsay Johnson - I love reading your Jude updates because he’s just a bit ahead of our little girl. I’d love to chat with you about your sleep training method sometime. Aline is 4.5 months and she still wakes up twice a night to eat. Hoping we can trim off one of those but don’t know how to go about it. And I totally get your breastfeeding struggle. Aline is the same with nursing, so we’ve switched to pumping mostly and supplementing a bit as well.ReplyCancel

5 month blog photoPINIMAGE

It’s sad that I only post on here when it’s time to update with Jude’s monthly pictures. One of these days when I don’t have a million things on my to-do list, I’m going to sit down and catch up on blogging! I have thousands of pictures from the past few months and they are screaming at me to blog them and write some thoughts down about them! *sigh* Hopefully I will get to it soon! But for now, here’s an update on our handsome little guy!

Jude is the happiest and most relaxed baby! He is absolutely content to sit and watch Emery buzz around him all day. And he certainly makes life with two kids easy for me. It’s rare that he cries and when he does, it’s always because he’s either hungry, tired, or been struck in the face with a toy (thanks Emery!). We’re working on that last one. He’s also on a pretty consistent schedule now. He sleeps from about 8pm-8am with a dream feed in the middle, then takes about two naps a day. I nurse him when he wakes up each time, and feed him rice cereal before he goes down. So he’s eating about every 2 hours–hopefully that helps the little guy bulk up! He started off as such a big baby! But he’s definitely followed his sister’s lead and has completely leaned out. At his last doctor appointment, which was for his 4-month check up, he was in the 6th percentile for weight. Emery was always under the 5th percentile, so I guess he has her beat a little bit. Still, our babies are skinny! Honestly it’s just because my milk doesn’t have much fat content. Once Emery stopped nursing, she plumped right up. So we aren’t worried about Jude. And he seems to be very happy with the way things are!

I noted in his picture above how he’s started squealing and he is right on cue. Emery also started squealing around this age and I remember thinking it was so cute at first…and then quickly changing my mind. So when Jude started I both laughed and cringed. I’m learning to embrace it though! It really can be SO cute. And let’s be honest, I don’t hear him most of the time anyways because Emery is over-powering him in volume almost 100% of the time. Poor kid is going to need to learn to speak up if he needs me!

Emery is actually getting much better at being kind and gentle to him. Not that she was ever mean to him, but she didn’t understand how to be “soft” and “gentle” (these are trigger words we try to teach her!). But the last two weeks, she’s really made a change! She’s been so sweet to him, worrying about his positioning and giving him kisses whenever she can. And she’s been much happier allowing him to play with her toys and be in the room with him and take my attention. I hope this new phase is here to stay! It’s been much easier on me, especially now that I’m trying to schedule their naps to overlap so I can have just a few minutes of my own to work on my photography business!

I know Emery is excited for when Jude is old enough to play with her. She is constantly trying to play with him and I have to remind her that he’s just a baby. It will be really fun when he can be sitting up with her, then crawling around with her, then running around with her! For now, I need to remind myself to enjoy these stages where I can just place him on the floor and know he’s not going anywhere. I really love every stage for a different reason. Right now he’s just so happy to sit or lay in the same place and observe what’s going on around him. And he’s also a great cuddler–just like his sister was. That is one thing I really love! One of my favorite times of day is bed time when I can cuddle him and put him to sleep after feeding him. There’s just no other feeling like having your own baby fall asleep in your arms!

Here’s a few more pictures of Jude at 5-months old:


And lastly, a side-by-side comparison of Jude & Emery, both at 5-months old!
Jude_Emery_5 MonthsPINIMAGE

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