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Jude’s three months old! And I’m jumping for joy over here because that means I can finally sleep train him :) I know he’s ready because he’s given me several nights where he’s slept all the way until 8 or 8:30am, but then he decides to wake up at 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 on other nights and it’s really killing me. I need my sleep! So as soon as we get home from Utah, Jude is moving up to his room and we’re going to sleep train. I actually don’t think it’ll be that bad. Most of the time when he wakes up, I don’t even think he’s that hungry, but instead just wants his pacifier. Hopefully the process goes smoothly and in less than a week we’ll all be experiencing good long nights of sleep!

In other news, Jude is so smiley now! And for some reason I think he looks just like a puppy dog when he smiles. It’s the cutest thing. He likes to look at himself in the mirror, and loves when Grant tickles him–that’s when we get to hear a few giggles! He also has kept most of his hair, which is really awesome! Emery was so bald until about 10 months old, so Jude really has the advantage there. Maybe he won’t ever have to experience the shame of the mullet, like Emery is completely rocking right now. Poor girl..she struggles in the hair department.

Jude’s still a great eater and is getting bigger every day. At this age, Emery was only 12 pounds, so Jude definitely has her beat in that area as well. (I’m hoping that will help him sleep longer too!) He’s a very happy baby, just like Emery was. He really only cries when he’s cold or hungry. Other than that, he still sleeps a lot or just hangs out, watching the rest of us. Emery can’t wait to play with him. Grant and I kind of feel the same way. We love this stage, but we also know how much more fun he will get in just a couple of months and we’re anxious for him and Emery to be able to play together!

I’m sure there is more to add about him, but my time to blog is really short these days. So this post will have to be a quick one! To end, I’ll share a comparison picture of Jude and Emery, each at 3 months old. I still think they look so much alike! They definitely have a lot of the same features, especially that cute little Manion nose!


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Another month has flown by! The best change that has happened these past few weeks is with Jude’s sleeping routine. He’s always slept a lot, but now he’s giving us much longer stretches, especially at night. The night before Christmas Eve was the first time he slept 8 hours at night and since then it’s been pretty consistent. He did have a few nights in a row where he started waking up again, but I think his stomach was giving him issues. Once he was able to…let’s just say “clean himself out”… he felt a lot better and started sleeping again. Last Saturday night he even slept 9 hours for us! I feel like such a different person now that he’s sleeping better at night. Being able to count on a full night’s sleep again makes such a difference. I have way more energy to play with Emery, which makes Emery happier, and that in turn makes me happier. So Jude sleeping through the night is benefiting everyone!

He’s continued to be a great eater and nursing is going very well for us. We occasionally supplement him with an extra ounce of formula before we put him down for the night. I think that has helped him stay fuller throughout the night and therefore sleep longer. He’s a big boy too so I feel like he needs the extra calories and I know my milk isn’t very fattening (which is one of the reasons Emery was so skinny as a baby). Jude never says no to more food—the kid could eat all day long and be happy.

He has also started becoming more interactive, which is a lot of fun. Grant is the best at getting him to smile. He does it for me every once in a while, but Grant definitely gets smiles and “coos” out of him the most. He’ll even smile for Emery! We’ll involve her by saying, “Emery, come make Jude smile!” and she’ll come over and say “Hiiiiii Jude!” and shake rattles in front of his face and try to get him to look at her. It’s so cute! She has a short attention span so it usually only lasts a few minutes before she’s moving on to the next thing.

I’m really excited for these next few months. In my opinion, it only gets better as he gets older and becomes more fun to play with. I’m especially excited for Emery to be able to play with him. I know she’ll love having a permanent playmate. And I will too! Right now Emery is at the age where she needs my attention 24/7 and it’s pretty exhausting. Not that I don’t love playing with her, but some times I just need a break! So it’ll be nice when the kids are old enough that they can hopefully play together and entertain themselves.

Jude’s really such a good baby. We feel very, very lucky! He pretty much sleeps all day and when he is awake, he’s usually happy just lying down, looking around, and sucking on his hands. Grant thinks he is starting to look a lot less like Emery and some days I agree, but for the most part I still think they look so much alike. Here’s a comparison shot of Jude and Emery, both at two months old:

Jude_Emery_2 monthsPINIMAGE

And then one more shot of just Jude, from our photo shoot earlier:

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Well Jude is already a month old! How did that happen? I really feel like I was just at the hospital having him, but I guess that’s how time goes. Especially when you have a newborn–something about the lack of sleep really warps time for you! Things have been great so far though. I think a big part of that is because my saint of a mother was here with us until last week! She was such a huge help, I can’t thank her enough. When you have a newborn, the absolute last thing you want to think about is cleaning your house or making dinner or really anything besides brainstorming how to get more sleep. So having her here watching Emery for us, cleaning, cooking our meals, grocery shopping, and everything else she did was really so amazing. And let’s just say we have seriously missed her since she left! I’m pretty sure Emery was under the impression she had moved in with us permanently, so I think her leaving was hardest on Emery.

Back to Jude: he is definitely not starving! Baby boy is already almost 11 pounds which kind of blows my mind since I’m pretty sure Emery wasn’t 11 pounds until around 4 months old. He’s also sleeping better for us at night. It took a while but he’s now giving us a 4-5 hour stretch each night, which doesn’t sound like much but I’ll take it! Waking up only once while it’s dark out is infinitely better than waking up 2-3 times. The time doesn’t seem to affect me as much as the position of the sun. Seriously, if it’s already light out when he wakes then I don’t feel nearly as tired. But if it’s dark it’s an entirely different story.

Jude’s also getting much better at being happy while he’s awake. For the first few weeks we were kind of concerned because he was either asleep or he was fussy. Grant was convinced he had stomach issues or something seriously wrong. Turns out he is just a baby and that’s apparently what babies do. We were completely spoiled with Emery! She never–and I really mean NEVER–cried unless she was either hungry, needed to be changed, or…no, that’s pretty much it. Jude, on the other hand, was much fussier. But that seems to be behind us (for the most part) now!

So far Jude is also a great eater–something I’m very grateful for. I’m exclusively nursing him and everything has been great. Both him and Emery learned to latch very quickly and I really haven’t had any problems. My goal is to breastfeed for an entire year so I hope we make it! I had the same goal with Emery and I made it to 11 months. After that she kind of weaned herself which was sad for me, but it happens. And 11 months is pretty good! So hopefully I can go just as long, or longer, with Jude.

At only a month old, that pretty much sums him up: sleeping better, staying awake and happy more, and eating great. When they are this young they are just so helpless! And cute! We really think he is just so cute. I think he looks so much like Emery and Grant thinks he’s starting to look different. We’ll see over time I guess if he remains her twin or if it’s just for the time being. Here’s a picture of them side by side at the same age. Jude on the left and Emery on the right:


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