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I’ve wanted to dress up as Mike Wazowski, Sully, and Boo from Monsters Inc. for Halloween ever since Emery was nicknamed “Monster” and this year was finally the year to do it! We decided to wait until she could walk so that she’d be able to toddle around in her Boo costume, making it extra cute. I knew these costumes would be a lot of work so I got started early! I tried to remember to take photos of the process so I could do a tutorial post, since I always find them so helpful when I’m making our costumes each year. Of course I never remembered to get out my actual camera, so all these pictures are taken with my iphone, but I think they’ll do! First up is my Mike Wazowski Costume!

Mike Wazowski DIY3revPINIMAGE


  • Giant yoga ball or inflatable beach ball
  • Great Stuff insulation foam
  • Green tshirt(s), size 6XL
  • Foam half-ball
  • Foam cones, 2
  • Paint (blue & black)
  • Felt (blue, black, & white)
  • Green pants
  • Green tshirt (to wear underneath)


1. I did a lot of research trying to come up with the best way to create a circular costume. I knew I could always paper mache, but we did that last year for our Lucy and Charlie Brown heads and it took forever, so I was not excited about the idea of doing it again on an even larger scale. I had one friend suggest I sew a beanbag cover and then attach it to a tshirt and stuff it. I thought this was brilliant but when I started looking into it found out it was going to be a pretty expensive option because of the price of fabric, plus it would end up looking pretty lumpy. I then found another option: spray foam insulation! Who knew! I read and watched a lot of videos of people using Great Stuff to make props and cosplay gear and I thought it looked like a good solution. It was definitely faster than paper macheing, although more pricey. I decided the extra cost was worth it though because I really didn’t want to take the time to paper mache a giant yoga ball. So Grant and I went to Lowe’s and picked up about 5-6 cans of Great Stuff (found here), I ordered a giant inflatable beach ball off Amazon (this one), and then we got to work!


2. We did all the foaming outside in our garage and for our very sophisticated set up we simply laid a big sheet of plastic down, set up two saw horses on top and laid a giant piece of cardboard across them with a hole cut out so the ball would fit securely on top without rolling around. We then put on gloves, uncapped the can of Great Stuff, and started foaming! We worked from the bottom up, so the foam would build on itself, making it more likely to stick and not fall off. We had to go slowly and it was important to spray the foam as evenly as possible. If we sprayed too much at once, the foam would get heavy and fall. Grant did most of the spraying and then I went behind him smoothing out the foam and helping it to stick to the ball. This is why it’s important to use gloves! You don’t want this stuff sticking to your skin!


3. Once we got the hang of it, it was actually pretty simple. And really cool to watch! The foam expands to 4 times its original size, which helps cover more surface area. So after we had covered the ball we let it dry over night. I also read online that misting it with water helps it to cure, so I did that before we called it a night. When we came back the next day, it had hardened and looked great!


4. We noticed a few spots that weren’t as well covered as other areas, so we went back over those gaps and filled them in with a little more foam. Afterwards, I again misted the areas with water and we let it dry.


5. The next step was to carve and sand! This is an optional step really, it just depends how smooth you want the final result to be. The foam definitely dries very lumpy and bumpy, but if you don’t mind that, then you can slip this step completely. I wanted my costume to be as round and smooth as possible though, so we took it inside and used an exacto knife to cut off the areas that were protruding out. (You can see what I mean in the picture below: some areas were put on thicker so they expanded more. We used a knife to trim these down.) After carving it, we took it back outside and used our sander to try to smooth it out. This worked fairly well, but it wasn’t perfect by any means. I definitely think it helped in the end though!


6. The next step was to figure out how to turn this guy lime green. I actually bought a few cans of lime green spray paint that I ended up returning because Grant had an even better idea: just cover it with a tshirt! I took the measurements of the ball and then used those measurements to look online and compare it to a men’s sizing chart. Turns out my costume was about the size of a men’s 6XL, so I got to work looking for a tshirt that would fit! This is where I just love Amazon. In a matter of minutes I found this result on Amazon and ordered two t-shirts in lime green (at the time they were each less than $10). I’m glad that I ordered two because even with all the stretching we did, one tshirt was too short. It fit over the bulk of my costume just fine, but I would have had to cut it much higher in order for the green tshirt to cover it completely on the bottom. It was important to me that the costume be as big as possible, so we just put one tshirt on from the bottom up, and one on from the top down. They overlapped at the bottom (which you can see in the final picture) but I think it looked fine! And I was happier with that than the alternative of having a shorter costume.

7. After fitting the tshrt on, we unplugged the beach ball and deflated it, pulling it out from the bottom. We were worried about this step but the beach ball detached itself really easily and no damage was done! Plus now we have an 8-foot beach ball to play with in the pool next summer :) We then used the tshirt head and arm holes as a guide and cut into the foam with an exacto knife in order to give me room for my head and arms. We didn’t have to cut anything off the bottom, since we planned that out ahead of time and when foaming, we left space on purpose at the bottom so I could slip the costume over me.


(You can see in the picture above how the costume looked after the ball was taken out and the tshirt went on. I was deciding whether I wanted to tuck the sleeve into the hole (left) or leave it out (right). I decided to leave it out, that way it would cover my arms too.)

8. Now the next step was making the eye! I went to JoAnns and found this styrofoam half-ball that I thought would work perfectly. I simply used black and blue paint that I had on hand to paint in the eye and then let it dry.


9. Next was fitting it into the costume. This was a little trickier since we had to cut the hole for the eye on the inside of the costume. So we worked together and kind of guessed where we wanted the eye positioned, and then Grant cut out a slightly smaller circle from the costume, so we could stuff the eye in and it would hold by being wedged in, instead of glued. Before wedging the eye in completely though, I stretched the tshirt (which had been cut too) and pulled it from the outside in and hot glued it around the cut-out hole. This way I wouldn’t have the original foam showing through. I hope that makes sense! It was very simple to do and once it was all dry, we were able to stuff the eyeball in from the inside out. It looked great!


10. Now for the mouth! This was also an easy step. I grabbed black and white felt that I had on hand, cut out the shapes I wanted to use for the mouth and teeth, and then sewed them together.


11. Once I had the mouth completed, all I had to do was sew it onto the costume. Instead of taking the tshirt off and sewing it with my machine (this wasn’t an option since I had already cut the hole for the eye and we had secured that to the costume), I just lifted the bottom of the tshirt up a little bit and hand sewed the mouth on. It really didn’t take long and since the mouth is so light-weight, I wasn’t worried about securing it on too well. Just a few stitches around the whole mouth did the trick!


12. The last step to finish the body of the costume was to make the horns. This too was very easy as all I did was buy two of these styrofoam cones from JoAnns and then hot glued them on to the shoulder of the tshirt!

13. And finally, the last step to complete my costume was to find green pants and a tshirt to wear underneath. I was worried about finding lime green pants, but after looking through Amazon I just googled it and found these. They worked perfectly! The tshirt was also easy to find—I could have bought one off Amazon, at Walmart, Target, etc. But I happened to be at Hobby Lobby one day and grabbed a lime green shirt they had. I then returned to my stash of felt and cut out shapes for an eye and a mouth to match my giant costume. I knew I wanted to make a mini version for the tshirt I’d be wearing underneath. That way, even when I had to take my costume off (like to eat), I would still be Mike Wazowski with my pregnant belly! I sewed the shapes together and then sewed them onto the shirt. Very easy! And so comfortable too—I was basically just wearing pajamas all night :)


So there you have it! It might look complicated, but each step was fairly simple. It just took a lot of time! I knew it was going to, though, which is why I got started in August! Grant thought I was crazy, but it was nice not having to worry about finishing costumes right before the party. Starting early also ensured we were able to wait on certain things to come in, like the tshirts from Amazon, and figure out the best way to complete each step. Plus I was able to take my time on it, instead of having to work on it all at once. I’m really happy with how it turned out—I think we all looked great together!


Next I’ll do a tutorial post for Emery’s Boo costume! So look out for that, if you’re interested :)

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  • The Manions | Monsters Inc. “Boo” Costume DIY - […] few days ago I posted a tutorial on my Mike Wazowski costume, and today I want to continue with posting a tutorial for Emery’s Boo Costume. If […]ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - Great costumes and tutorial! I think I will have to make these for Halloween next year!!ReplyCancel

  • Jen - This is amazing! Were the 5-6 cans of foam spray enough to cover the entire thing or did you have to get more?ReplyCancel

    • admin - They were just enough! I’d always rather buy too much and just keep the receipt to return whatever I didn’t use. But 5-6 should be enough!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey - Can explain how you secured the t-shirts at the top and bottom?ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey - Can you explain more about how you put the t-shirt on (over the top, bottom?). How did you secure it at the bottom?ReplyCancel

    • admin - Hi Lindsey, The t-shirt stretched over the top pretty well, so I didn’t have to secure it up there. And at the bottom I added a second tshirt to cover the bottom part, and then hot glued it down everywhere and cut off the excess. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

One of my favorite decorations that we made for Halloween this year was our Halloween Scarecrow. I came across a picture on pinterest months ago and knew I had to attempt one! I really love how it turned out and how surprisingly easy it was. Plus I think it really helped us achieve a spookier look this year. If you’re interested in making your own, read on!

Pinspiration Creation_ScarecrowrevPINIMAGE

The image on the left is the one I found on pinterest and served as my inspiration for this project. The best part was how cheap it ended up being! For the materials, all I needed was sticks from the yard, black “creepy cloth” that I buy each year from the dollar store (I used 3 packs here), and a fake pumpkin for the head. Last spring I picked up a bunch of Fall decorations from my local tag sale, including the pumpkin I ended up using. (It was much kinder looking before I drew on the creepy face with sharpie.) So in total I believe it cost me $3 for the “creepy cloth” and about $2 for the pumpkin head. Not bad! Especially when the end result really made such a statement in our front yard.

1. First, we started by finding sticks in our back yard that would work. I went off the picture from pinterest and found one big long stick that was pretty solid, two medium-sized sticks for each of the arms, and then smaller sticks to fill in the middle.

2. Next we got out the nail gun and went to work positioning the sticks and nailing them together. The nail gun definitely saved us some time! But even if we hadn’t been able to use one, I think twine would have worked just fine too.

3. I then drew the face on the pumpkin head and stuffed it on top of the stick. Luckily my pumpkin was made out of foam, which made it very easy to poke a hole in and screw the head on.

4. The next step was to drape the “creepy cloth” over the sticks to give the appearance of the scarecrow’s clothes.

5. And finally, we set it up! Grant took care of this part. He dug a small hole in the ground and then we wedged the scarecrow in. I was nervous about it tipping over, but since he is so light, we didn’t have a problem! After posing him amidst our tombstones, we were done! And I seriously love how it looked!!


And in case you missed it, you can check out my post on our Halloween Tombstones for a full tutorial!

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This past week we’ve been trying to be as active as possible, in order to induce my labor. We are so anxious to meet this baby and I am (selfishly) SO done being pregnant! So we’ve been going on long walks every night and I’ve been skipping/galloping/doing squats/doing stairs, really anything I can think of. So far nothing has worked, but keep your fingers crossed for us! We decided to get out of the house as much as possible today so this morning we took a trip to Hall’s Pumpkin Farm. I seriously love living down the street from this place! It is always so much fun to go to in the Fall and this year was made even better because of Emery. She really loved being able to walk all around and check out the pumpkins. Plus she always loves looking at farm animals! Grant and I had a good time just watching her explore, and I got some pretty cute photos too!


Then this afternoon we went over to Grapevine Mills to mainly walk around, with the added bonus of shopping. We spent a few hours there (which definitely resulted in lots of contractions and cramps..but no baby yet) and ended up getting a few things we all needed: pajamas for Emery, tshirts for Grant, clothes for the new baby, and even some flower crowns for me to use in upcoming photo shoots! Now all we need is this baby to come!!

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