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Well I’m no longer Callie White. I have a new ring on my finger, a new last name, a new house, a new family, and I’m living with a boy! I guess that means I’m married!
The wedding went extremely well! The temple ceremony was so special because my grandpa was able to make it up here all the way from St. George and he was able to perform the sealing! He was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer last October and recently he’s been really ill; I was so worried he wouldn’t be able to make it because of the long drive and the exhaustive activities. But he made it! And he looked amazing and sounded wonderful and the sealing was so special! He even came to the reception later that night and I was able to get plenty of pictures with him. He’s always been such a major influence in my life – all the hard decisions, and all the major decisions I’ve made, he’s been behind. I owe so much to him, and now that he’s sick I just keep thinking I might not be able to see him for much longer and it really scares me. So him being able to come and perform my wedding meant so much to me, it was the best gift I could have ever received :)
When we got out of the temple, it was pouring rain and freezing cold! But at that point I was so happy to be married to the most amazing guy and to have all my family and friends there with me, I really couldn’t have cared less! I loved having all my family there – several of my aunts and uncles drove up from St. George, and my uncle Paul and aunt Telie drove out from Alabama! And Grant’s family came all the way from Texas, and Idaho. It was so nice of everyone to come! I also loved having our friends there – several of our friends got off of work, and Colby (Grant’s good friend from high school) even drove up from Vegas with his girlfriend. I was just so touched by how nice everyone was to us! It made the day so perfect to have everyone there.

We got a few shots at the temple, but really they are all just rainy and windy but it was still so much fun. And I didn’t mind too much because Angie (our photographer) came with us to the luncheon and to the reception, so we got plenty of photos.
The luncheon was at this restaurant called “Madeline’s Steakhouse and Grill” and it was delicious! Grant’s Mom (Gail) really put it all together and we really owe her for it because it was perfect!! I loved that everyone was in the same room, so everyone was able to see each other. And it wasn’t too big where you felt like you had to shout, but it also wasn’t cramped – I’m serious, it was perfect!! Grant and I were able to go around to all the tables and visit with everyone, and then we sat down and ate some food, and then we played the slide show (which caused us so much grief to put together but really turned out well in the end!) and then we stood up and gave some speeches and thank yous to everyone.My bridesmaids really had fun at the luncheon :) Here they are spelling out “C & G” while being gangsters…how adorable

After the luncheon my entire family and a lot of other helping hands went to our reception center at Wadley Farms and made it look absolutely beautiful. Grant and I looked at so many different reception centers around Utah, but we couldn’t find one that worked for both of us. I really liked The Bungalo but it wasn’t going to be able to it as many people as I wanted. So I was a little disheartened and then Grant and I went to meet with Angie, and she recommended we check out Wadley Farms and as soon as I stepped out of the car Grant and I looked at each other and just said “this place is perfect!!” It had the old barns I wanted, the old buggie car, lots of stone walls, and great looking doors! It was the middle of winter when we saw it and I loved it, so I just knew it would look great for our reception in the spring. The place doesn’t come with any decorations though, and that’s why it took so long to set up. My mom actually drove across country to bring out all the decorations. My wedding was vintage themed and so she used tons of her decorations at her house for my wedding – old cameras, mirrors, cake plates, suitcases, an old typewriter, and other like things. The decorations all looked awesome and I was so happy with how it all turned out! To be completely honest, I was so busy with taking pictures and giving so many hugs and talking with complete strangers, that I didn’t get to see everything and so I really hope Angie got great pictures of all the details! I think my favorite part was that we had a photobooth! We used Suzzi from Smile Now Photobooths.It was perfect because I knew I wanted to create a backdrop somewhere and have my polaroid camera out for people to take their own photos, and I also knew I wanted to have a candy bar and Suzzi did both! People would go in and take their photos and out would print two copies, one copy was then pasted into Grant and I’s sign in book and people would write a little message for us, and then the other copy went into a bag that the guests were able to fill up with candy from my candy bar and to top it off, the bag was closed with a personalized sticker about Grant and I! It was such a hit, and I love the book!! The food we had was also delicious!! We used my Aunt Debbie’s good friend Sandra. I first tasted her food last April at my cousin Taylor’s mission farewell and it was delicious. So when it came time to looking for a caterer, I knew I wanted to speak with her about maybe doing my wedding! She made everything look and taste so good, and even though I didn’t get to eat a lot I heard everyone else say they loved it so I was really happy with how it turned out! The only sad thing was that there weren’t too many left overs so I didn’t get to enjoy it afterwards! The flowers at our reception were gorgeous! My mom’s good friend (and pretty much my second mom) Vickie Capua did them for me! She was so sweet to me and worked so hard to get everything looking exactly how I wanted them. The bouquet she made me and the boutineer she made Grant were fantastic! They were just like the ones I saw on GreenWeddingShoes that I wanted to badly!! That site is fantastic for anyone who is planning a wedding – I got so many good ideas from it, and I’m going to submit our wedding photos – who knows! Maybe we’ll get on it! I was so happy about our reception because the rain stopped and the sun came out and it was beautiful! People were able to walk around the grounds and admire how beautiful the place is! And I was able to run all around and take pictures with everyone and anyone at all the different spots.

This is one of the barns at Wadley Farms, so we got all of Grant’s family shots here, and some with my bridesmaids too!

These are just a bunch of candid shots since I don’t have mine back yet from Angie!

Grandma & Grandpa Miskin!

Zoe in that dress!! She looked cuter than me on my own wedding day! But it’s okay, I’ve always known she’s the cutest in the family. I can’t wait to get the photos back to see all the ones of me and her – this one doesn’t even show her really, but it’s the only one I’ve got for now!
I wanted photos at all the different barns, next to the stone walls, in front of the doors, and in the cazebo and we were able to do that because of the good weather! It was great! I just can’t wait to get the photos back! Angie said it will take about a month and I am just not that patient! If you are reading this though, you should check out her website – she’s fantastic! She doesn’t just do weddings either, her new born shots and family shots are great too! SweetMemoryGarden is the name of her company, and if I know anyone who needs a photographer, I’ll definitely be recommending her! Oh that reminds me! Our cake was done by our friend Nicole Flake (soon to have a new last name!) and it was amazing! Grant and I know Nicole from our ward in Liberty Square, Grant was actually Nicole’s FHE Dad. And I knew she made cakes so one day Grant and I went looking at her blog and we were so impressed! So we called her up and she was so sweet, she didn’t charge us hardly anything (when anyone else would have been so much more expensive and definitely not as good) and she made us the perfect cake. I sent her a picture and she did it exactly how I wanted! As soon as I get the pictures back I will upload them so you can see what I mean! On the top of the cake were these little bird toppers that were adorable! I found them on Etsy, made by Benedicte, who’s shop is called “The Girl In Yellow“. She gave me a steal on the birds and they looked so good on top of my cake! I’m going to send her pictures as soon as I get them back! Grant and I did do the very traditional cutting the cake in a very non-traditional way. Neither of us have ever been married before! How were we expected to know what to do!? So we did it our own way with lots of hand waving and laughter and cutting the cake zig zagged and stuffing it into each other faces while laughing the whole time. But it was delicious! And then we ran through the ribbon waving and out into the night….and then straight back in. (I’m not even kidding). I know most couples want to leave but I was having way too much fun at the reception (it was a big party for me!) so I didn’t want to leave haha. We did do the bouquet throwing and the garder throwing and all that, but then I just wanted to go back in and eat more and visit with friends and family nd take more pictures in the photo booth and have fun :) So we didn’t end up leaving for a while, but I look back and think it was perfect! Grant might have a different opinion though…he really wanted to get out of there! After we finally left, Grant and I met up with our parents and opened presents! We got so many nice gifts, I was so overwhelmed with how nice people are and how generous people are! It really made us so happy and with make our transition into married life a lot easier. We had planned on going down to St. George to relax in the sun and also to pick up some furniture that my grandma is giving us (!). But our plan was slightly altered when Grant got sick with food poisoning! He was throwing up all Friday night and all Saturday! I felt so bad for him, and tried to help him as best as I can. There’s not much you can do for someone who is just throwing up, it was aweful! I ran out around 3:30 or 4 in the morning on Friday night to get him some medicine and some soup, saltines, gatorade, and seven up. Nothing helped though. So instead of leaving early Saturday for St. George we spent the day at my Granny’s in Springville so Grant could be close to a toilet (ew). Sunday morning he was feeling much better though so we made the drive down and with the help of Gaye, Glenn, Zoe, Todd, Zach, and Grandma we were able to load up the trailor fast! Which was a good thing because shortly after I started feeling sick… but I won’t go into those details. I’ve talked about throwing up enough. So here’s some of the furniture we got! Our lovely KING size bed!! It’s huge and it takes up basically our entire room but it is so worth it! It’s so confortable :) These are our couches! This one is a three-seater and we have another one that matches that is the two-seater love seat. They look great in our house! One red chair to match the blue couches! This guy gives a lot of color to the room. This is the dresser we chose to put in the bedroom so we could fit more clothes. We have a good size closet but this really helps out too! Not to mention it’s beautiful! We have two of these nightstands for either side of the bed. Right now we were only able to fit one in the room, but we’re working on it! Our entertainment center! This chest is so beautiful, I knew I wanted it the second I saw it! We have turned it into our entertainment center, and our huge TV (Thanks Brandon, Trev, Andrea, Court, and Austin!) fits perfectly on top of it along with our HD TiVo box and PS3 (living with a boy brings lots of electronics into the home) And lastly, we also brought with us some end tables such as the one below. We got this one that looks like a small desk and it’s perfect to hide some desk stuff in! All the furniture fits so well in our cute little home. It’s cramped but I love it! The furniture is beautiful and so comfortable and absolutely free! Grant and I are going down to St. George again this weekend to pick up a bookshelf and a kitchen table. I’ll add pictures of them as soon as I get there! The bookshelf is amazing!! So we left St. George early Monday morning and headed back to Provo. We were both feeling much better at this point, and we made it back in about 4 hours and only one gas stop. Once in Provo, we recruited the help of my mom, Austin, and Justin and loaded everything from the uhaul into our house, then went to the storage unit and loaded all that crap into the uhaul, and then from that into our house, and then we went to our old apts and got our stuff from there, and then we finally went up to Alpine and got all our gifts (which were being kept at the gaudy’s) and loaded all those into our house. Needless to say our house is a mess and there are boxes everywhere! It’s driving me crazy! We worked on unpacking all Monday night, all day Tuesday, and then Wednesday I had to go to work and Grant had his first classes. So we’ve been doing little by little every night (and I really mean a little – I don’t feel like we’re ever going to get the place cleaned up!) It’s been so much fun though, every little bit! The wedding was an absolute blast and everything since then has been quite an adventure! I’m sure there were a hundred other details and people I need to give shout outs to on this post but right now my brain is fogged with honeymoon happiness and I can’t think straight! Because of that I will be coming back to this post often to update it and make sure I haven’t forgotten someone who played a huge part in my wonderful wedding bliss :)

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I got our bridal pictures back!! Angie is so good, she did such a fantastic job on our bridal pictures. Grant came to the session too, so they are really called “Bridals and Groomals” and I also had my bridesmaids come to get some cute pictures with them. Erica was still in Alabama when these were taken, so she’s missing and I hate it but we got some good ones at the wedding as well!You wouldn’t know it when looking at these pictures but we went to just the side of the road right next to the Draper Temple. I don’t know how Angie did it – but she made them look fantastic!! I’ll try to limit myself and only upload a couple, but they are all awesome I hate having to choose!

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There is so much to do in the remaining nine days before Grant and I get married. I can’t believe how fast the time is passing! But I really think that is due to how busy we are. I still have a 10-page research paper to write (and start, for that matter), and then 3 finals to study for and take. I also have the impossible task of moving out of my apt – I have so much stuff, it’s daunting to look around my room and realize I have to move out by next week – I just don’t know how I’m going to do it! But I will, things have a funny way of falling into place when you just don’t know how you can fit everything in (at least that is what I’m hoping for)We still have all the details to work out for the wedding planning as well. My mom has been so great with everything – she has taken so much time and worked on our wedding like a full-time job. We owe a TON to her, because without her, we really wouldn’t have been able to do everything! Having a 3-month long engagement was really nice, but at the same time it was so hard to plan everything in that short of time. But it’s all turned out really great, and we only have nine more days left to wait! I am so excited!!Grant and I are going down to St. George the weekend we get married and we’re going to stay at my grandparents condo, and then get a U-Haul and take some furniture back to Provo with us. We are SOO lucky!! My grandma is giving us some really nice furniture, and it’s going to help us out soo much!! For being a young couple who isn’t going to have any money, we’re going to have some nice things! We’ll have really nice furniture from my Grandma, and some really nice presents from all the wedding gifts. People are so generous – it really amazes me.Ever since we sent our invitations out, we’ve been receiving presents in the mail pretty regularly and I just can’t believe how generous and nice people are! Some of these gifts are coming from people we really don’t even know! I hope some day I have enough money that I can shower newlyweds with nice things, like we have gotten!

Our new house is really cute!! It’s a fourplex and we have one of the upstairs apts. There’s a huge living room, kitchen and dining area, and then bedroom and bathroom. It’s a great size for us, and I’m really excited to move in and get everything set up!

I also realize I haven’t been great about blogging all of our experiences while being engaged. But I really want to upload some of our photos from our engagement session, and then later from our bridal session, so that everyone can see them, and I can look back on them later.

Angie, our photographer, from Sweet Memory Garden took a ton of photos, so I’ll just post my favorite ones!

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