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There is so much to do in the remaining nine days before Grant and I get married. I can’t believe how fast the time is passing! But I really think that is due to how busy we are. I still have a 10-page research paper to write (and start, for that matter), and then 3 finals to study for and take. I also have the impossible task of moving out of my apt – I have so much stuff, it’s daunting to look around my room and realize I have to move out by next week – I just don’t know how I’m going to do it! But I will, things have a funny way of falling into place when you just don’t know how you can fit everything in (at least that is what I’m hoping for)We still have all the details to work out for the wedding planning as well. My mom has been so great with everything – she has taken so much time and worked on our wedding like a full-time job. We owe a TON to her, because without her, we really wouldn’t have been able to do everything! Having a 3-month long engagement was really nice, but at the same time it was so hard to plan everything in that short of time. But it’s all turned out really great, and we only have nine more days left to wait! I am so excited!!Grant and I are going down to St. George the weekend we get married and we’re going to stay at my grandparents condo, and then get a U-Haul and take some furniture back to Provo with us. We are SOO lucky!! My grandma is giving us some really nice furniture, and it’s going to help us out soo much!! For being a young couple who isn’t going to have any money, we’re going to have some nice things! We’ll have really nice furniture from my Grandma, and some really nice presents from all the wedding gifts. People are so generous – it really amazes me.Ever since we sent our invitations out, we’ve been receiving presents in the mail pretty regularly and I just can’t believe how generous and nice people are! Some of these gifts are coming from people we really don’t even know! I hope some day I have enough money that I can shower newlyweds with nice things, like we have gotten!

Our new house is really cute!! It’s a fourplex and we have one of the upstairs apts. There’s a huge living room, kitchen and dining area, and then bedroom and bathroom. It’s a great size for us, and I’m really excited to move in and get everything set up!

I also realize I haven’t been great about blogging all of our experiences while being engaged. But I really want to upload some of our photos from our engagement session, and then later from our bridal session, so that everyone can see them, and I can look back on them later.

Angie, our photographer, from Sweet Memory Garden took a ton of photos, so I’ll just post my favorite ones!

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  • Grant - "There's a huge living room"…. i don't think so! hahaReplyCancel

  • Callie - Well I wrote this before we moved in! So I thought it was a lot bigger than it really is!ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly - Calliegirl!It's all so you! It's all so colorful and fun and clever! All the details show your excitement for the big event. I'm glad you loved your day. I'm so glad that your grandfather could be there. That made it extra, extra special. Congratulations to you and Grant! Just keep having fun! Love you! KHOReplyCancel

This is my first time blogging since I was about 14 years old. I used to love being able to write on my blog and just vent about everything. That was back when people didn’t read each other’s blogs and whatever you wrote stayed very private – it’s much different today. But I admit, I am definitely one who reads other people’s blogs and recently I’ve been obsessed with a few wedding blogs, following them every day to see their new updates. It’s fun for me, as I’m sure it is for others as well.I wanted to start this blog because Grant and I are getting married in just 15 days (!) and I think it will be really fun to post our adventures on here and keep everyone up-to-date with how we are doing.

The wedding plans are finally wrapping up. It seems like a miracle. For the past couple of months I have felt like a chicken running around with its head cut off. Trying to balance school, work, and planning this wedding has been really challenging. But finally the semester is coming to an end, the wedding is near, and I’ll get a break from work for a couple of days! Even though things have been crazy, I’ve been able to get everything done and I’ve had a lot of fun this semester. Also, since I was so busy, our engagement flew by! I didn’t really have time to hate being engaged, as so many couples do, because they just want to be married.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to be married! I’m definitely tired of having to say goodnight to Grant and I’m so anxious to be married and take the weekend off and go to St. George and just relax together! We both need the break!

Grant’s been working so hard this past semester (and for the past couple of years) to get into the Business School at BYU….and he finally got in!! It was such a huge relief! He worked so hard in school and he had a great internship, so I’m really really glad he got in! He was supposed to hear back on a Friday, and that was the same weekend we drove up to Idaho to his cabin to go snowboarding and to see his parents. Well he never heard from the school – no phone call, no email, nothing. So we kind of forgot about it that weekend and when we got back Sunday night a friend in my ward came over and asked if Grant got in. I said he hadn’t heard, and asked if he had head back (since he was also applying for the Finance Program). Ryan said he had – that you had to go online to check. As soon as I heard him say that I SPRINTED over to Grant
s house (okay it’s really not that far, but still..) and I ran inside and told him the good news!

Well it was good news for me, but it just made him really nervous. He went online and looked it up but closed his eyes and asked me to read it. I couldn’t exactly find where it told him if he was in or not so I didn’t speak for (what must have seemed to Grant) a really long time. And he finally opened his eyes at the same time that I saw I saw it, and I shouted “BABE YOU GOT IN!!!!”

It was such a good moment! We were jumping up and down and just SO excited! I’m really proud of him, and it’s such good news because now he’s really going to enjoy his classes and he gets to graduate in a year! Also, he’ll have a great shot at getting a good job out of school.

As for me, I’ve decided to be an English Language major with an Editing minor. Both of our school plans have really come together in the last few months. I have been back and forth between so many majors, and I”m so grateful that I have finally picked one and the best part is that I feel so good about my decision.

I started off in Hawaii as an International Cultural Studies major – and I loved it. I studied the different anthropological factors and communication factors that contribute to different societies and cultures. But then I left Hawaii for the big land of Provo and to my shock (well no, not really) they didn’t have an International Cultural Studies major..or really any major having to do with studying different cultures.

There was an anthropology major but I tried taking a couple of classes and they were all taught by old white guys who faked British accents and I just wasn’t into that. In Hawaii it was completely different – I would sit in a class with different people from all over the world and when the teacher called for examples we didn’t have to look them up in the text books, people would just volunteer them from their own experiences and own cultures. It was amazing!

So after I explored Anthropology, I looked into Communications. I actually really liked the classes I took and decided to apply for the Public Relations major. My grandpa wasn’t too happy about this – he doesn’t think PR people have real jobs and he thinks they are all liars. Though I love my Grandpa, I didn’t really listen to his advice and I applied anyway. After the arduous process of having spent an entire year taking the prerequisites, taking two tests, writing a case study, and turning in an entire application full of essays, I didn’t get in. I was dissapointed at first (rejection isn’t easy), but then I realized I didn’t get in simply because that wasn’t the right major for me…so I started to look again.

I’ve always loved English and when I first got to school I thought I’d like to be some kind of journalist. Before even deciding on International Cultural Studies I was a journalism major – but that didn’t work out; I found out I really hate writing articles and having deadlines. So here I was back to square one – relying on the only thing I’ve really ever been good at, and that’s English. So I started to look back at my possibilities.

I knew I didn’t want to be a journalist, and I knew I didn’t really want to be an English major and have to take 80 (or something crazy like that) credits full of English classes with analysis papers that I dread. But I did know that I liked grammar. I had always been okay with it throughout high school, and while at BYU I took a Business Communications class where they go over an entire unit on grammar. I think it was during that class that I realized I liked it and felt pretty confident with it. So that’s where I started looking.

It turns out “English Language” major sounds terrible, but it’s really not. All my classes have been really enjoyable and I’ve learned so much that is actually practical, useful, and applicable knowledge. I’m really excited about my major/minor and I’ll be able to graduate next June! It’s really great that the end is finally in sight!

So that’s the long, drawn-out version of how I am now an English Language major with an Editing minor and Grant is in the Finance program and we’re going to graduate next year and then get out of Provo as fast as we can! Not that Provo isn’t great…but we’re very ready to move on.

Actually, people always attack Provo but I’m really glad I transferred. For one, if I had never come to BYU then I would never have met Grant (and that’s a huge deal). We’re so happy together and we’ve been able to make the best of things. It will be nice to be graduated and looking for jobs elsewhere…hopefully we go back East. Grant is pushing for Texas though and I just don’t know how I feel about that…

I am indefinitely excited about getting married! I mentioned before how I’ve been obsessed with wedding blogs and there is one in particular that I really love! It’s and the woman who writes it posts all different pictures of ideas for weddings and I’ve taken so many great ideas from that site! Our wedding is going to be a vintage theme and my mom is currently driving out to Utah from Connecticut bringing all the decorations! She really has been so wonderful and SO helpful with planning my wedding – I owe her a lot. She’s bringing tons of different things to make the wedding very vintage-inspired and I’m so excited to see it all decorated! We’re having the reception at this farm that will be perfect. It has huge stone walls and really old doors with a huge barn! And the backdrop is beautiful – the mountains in the background. I’m really excited! It’ll be so much fun to see all my family and friends there together!!

We’ve only got 2 weeks left, and in that time we have a lot to do! I have to finish all the wedding planning, and take tests and write papers and do projects, and then take finals, and move out of my apt, and also work is getting busier and crazier than ever so….yeah, lots to do! My mom arrives tomorrow I believe and then my bridal shower is Saturday (also so exciting!) I can’t wait for all my family to get here, I miss them all a lot!

Lots to do, but it’s good to keep busy! And as for this blog, I hope to fill it with all my random thoughts and Grant and I’s adventures and our crazy lives together.

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